Ukraine Night on the river Snov 12.07.2009

Pavlo Voznyuk

Now we in the city of Schors, near the river of Dreams. The general passed way - 360 km. To border with Belarus there were 60 kilometres.

Average speed of movement for all time of travel has made 60 km / day. It is less, than was planned in the beginning as first from time to time there are excesses, such as rain and desire to spend in a good place superfluous day, and secondly we have a little changed the expedition concept - instead of high-speed movement on lines, have decided to go on peripheral roads and villages to look at the real Ukraine.

Such people on near Chernigov positive - you will ask a little bit greens, and will take out a basket of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, moreover and money do not take. Waters allow to drink in each court yard.

Paul has burnt down completely - open sites of a body have scorched. The floor of day and night has lain with temperature, but has already revived and can go further. This event has forced to stop movement on a floor of day.

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Игорь16.07.2009 18:55
В ЖЖ не освещаете? Да, и фотографии маловаты :)
Владимир Гойник18.07.2009 13:46
Игорь, над ЖЖ работаем, но удалённо заниматся этим сложновато. По поводу фотографий - заряжать ноутбук сложнее чем может показаться на первый взгляд, а каждый снимок необходимо достойно обрабатывать. Мы работаем над оптимизацией процесса обработки+отсылки снимков.
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