About us

«Flip The World» (FTW) — a series of environmental and humane projects by no commercial organization No-Avokado Group.

Our partners — companies that share with us the vision of the future with a «clean» technology.

FTW — this is a different perspective on life, the aim of destroying the border of impossible, and show how to come to a different thinking. Free thinking is not limited in the normal and everyday. We want to see our world clean of dirt both material and social, that is, as it was in the moment of his birth. But we don't want to change the world, we want to keep up with the inevitable evolution, only helping to keep in balance the scale. Our goal — to give an understanding of the world today.

Our journey, a way to improve themselves as well as virtually all who wish to join us. Throughout the route we would like to tell about our adventures both extreme and test equipment. We will talk about other countries and peoples, as they appear before our eyes, without the cliches and stereotypes. We invite you to co-development!


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